About the venture


As a hospitality professional with over 20 years of experience, I was heading the operations team when the hotel, I was working with moved away from the group to be a stand-alone hotel. As a new company, we struggled to set up new accounts, get credit and more importantly purchasing power from suppliers. Having worked within all the departments of the hotel I understand the pressures.

The gap I identified made me start my own venture in Procurement & Supply in 2018. The pain I took made into my gain, the idea was to offer hotels the best possible prices to control the bottom line. The more hotels we supply, the better our purchasing power which in turn helps us pass discounts back to the hotels.

Our partnership with key manufacturers and distributors for hospitality trade means we can always recommend team with specialist expertise and specially negotiated prices, to create a truly value-added service.

We have supported teams with pre-opening properties, refurbishment projects right from conception to implementation, ensuring that our customers are always happy and that the guests are at the heart of our business. We can offer a personal touch where we can personalize many of our products with your logo or manufacture to your exact specification. All you need to do is ASK!


  • Purchasing. It's what we do best!

  • In addition to negotiating and managing prices and being competitive, our Purchasing Services range from price comparisons, price guarantees and tender management on large volume. It allows managers to free up their time so that they can focus on the day to day operations of the hotel.

  • We as independent distributor can negotiate exclusive pricing to deliver generous discounts, coupled with manufacturers supported pricing. As part of the on-going management of your purchasing, we put purchasing plans, add products to our stockholding to help you and your team manage your supply chain.

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